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Get Funding For Your Project

If you're a student planning a community event or project, Crimson Youth Fund is here to support you
Get Inspired
Make use of resources provided by the fund. Your project can vary in theme and area of interest. Here are some examples: 
Run an intensive, multi-city 24-hour simultaneous event
Robotics Club
Engineer dynamic mechanical parts
App Pitch
Establish software to solve complex problems
Debating Tournament
Host a bilingual deliberation competition
Athletics Meet
Organize a cross-platform sporting match
Business Case Competition
Develop effective campaign results
Charity Fundraiser
Optimize crowdsourcing
Student Orchestra
Compose an original symphony
About Crimson Youth Fund
Why Are Crimson
Student-led & student-focused community projects

Have you started a project while in high school that can benefit fellow students and make a lasting impact on your community? Do you have a great idea but don't have essential resources like a branding kit, an event plan or media interest to make it happen?

Crimson Youth Fund is a philanthropic arm of Crimson Education, created to provide students or recent graduates aged 13 – 21-year-olds with essential resources to bring their event or project to life.

For students/recent graduates aged 13 - 21 years old

$50,000 of funding spanning over 10 countries

Individual events and projects can receive $150 - $1500 USD of funding

Crimson's Success

The words of brilliant Crimson students who achieved their dreams working with us

Offers to the world’s best colleges
Offers to Oxford & Cambridge
Offers to Ivy League colleges
Worth of scholarships (USD)

Reimagine What's Possible


Why Should I Apply?

Unlock endless potential by launching a project that will positively influence your surrounding community by making use of resources provided by the fund.


How to Apply

With our four-steps application process, secure funds for the project and kick-start your initiative in just four weeks.
    + Step 01
    Project leaders will need to submit a pitch and meet the outlined criteria to have their project funded. This will be reviewed by the Crimson Youth Fund panel.
    + Step 02
    Fill in the form below and an email will be sent to you with the Crimson Youth Fund Submission Form. Simply fill out the form and click submit. Applications will be reviewed once a month and decisions will be made regarding your project within 3 weeks of submitting your entry.
    + Step 03
    A notification will be sent out and successful applicants will receive allocated funds once a Crimson Youth Fund-Project Agreement form has been completed and returned.
    + Step 04
    A case study on the project’s impact must be submitted within two weeks after completion by the Project Leader to track progress.

2019 Crimson Youth Fund Panel

The Crimson Youth Fund is proudly supported by the Crimson network.
Jamie Beaton

Co-founder and CEO of Crimson Education. Jamie applied to the top 25 universities in the world and gained acceptance into all of them. Jamie was named 2016 Young Innovator of the Year by the NZ Innovation Council. This year Jamie featured in Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 - Consumer Tech.



Jessica Silcock

Jessica graduated with a Professional Communications degree in Advanced Print Journalism and Strategic PR in Melbourne. She worked as a PR specialist for a celebrity chef and a media specialist for the world’s largest tuition company, Kumon before leading Crimson's global marketing team.

David Freed

David completed an Applied Maths/Economics degree at Harvard, graduating Phi Beta Kappa with highest concentration honors. He worked for Goldman Sachs, advising on multi-billion dollar acquisitions, before joining Crimson. David was one of the youngest acceptances to Harvard Law School at 20. 

Rebecca Hung

Originally from Canada, Rebecca has extensive experience working in marketing across various industries, including: diamonds, roadside assistance services and multinational banks. Currently based in Edinburgh, Rebecca oversees the marketing initiatives of Crimson Education in UK and Ireland.

Mona Tiesler

Originally from Germany, Mona completed a Master of Arts (Hons) focused on Management-Psychology from the University of St. Andrews. She is currently pursuing a part-time PhD to investigate personality traits of successful entrepreneurs. Prior to Crimson, Mona worked at both PwC and Strategy& as a strategy consultant.

Na'ama Landau

Na’ama choreographed musicals such as Hairspray while in high school, winning a National Youth Arts award. Na’ama graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University in three years. Na’ama's writing has featured in Huff Post, Yahoo! and Bon Appetit. She currently leads Crimson’s expat services in Shanghai.

Sujaree 'Pom' Xu
Growing up in Bangkok, Sujaree 'Pom', was granted the King’s Scholarship, ranking top in the country and winning a place at Phillips Academy (Andover). Pom graduated from Harvard with an Applied Mathematics and Economics degree. She worked at McKinsey & Co and Goldman Sachs before leading Crimson Thailand.
Jarrod Morton

Born and bred in Auckland, Jarrod pursued a conjoint degree at the University of Auckland, majoring in Marketing, Psychology, and Commercial Law. Jarrod joined Crimson as New Zealand’s Marketing Coordinator, running over 80 events, and launching a youth ambassador program for high school students.

Bilal Said

Bilal has a dual degree in Marketing and Linguistics from the University of Texas, Austin. Bilal has worked in Dubai, Jakarta, LA, Dallas and Austin and has taught ESL in small towns in South-East Asia and the Middle East. He has also earned multiple personal training and sports sciences certificates.

Review Img
"This experience taught me more in 2 weeks than many would learn in a lifetime. Not only is it educational, both academically and culturally, but being able to spend time travelling with like minded people, who will quickly become like family, is so refreshing. So often we only see a slim view of what the world is like, but this trip opened my eyes up to so many other realities."
Lucy Forgesson
Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour 2018
Review Img
"Thanks to the Crimson team for the immense effort in organising the itinerary for this trip. The Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour was undoubtedly a riveting experience that provided a wholesome perspective upon the study and practice of medicine in an international country. I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge through visiting some of the top American universities and particularly enjoyed meeting a group of like-minded and intelligent individuals. It was an experience worth every penny that has resulted in my confidence in pursuing Medicine in the future."
Katrina Trinh
Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour 2018
Review Img
"Words simply cannot begin to describe the absolutely riveting experience I had on the Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour. The support system you gain and the knowledge you acquire are beyond priceless. We had the utmost privilege of meeting such inspiring and motivating individuals. Additionally, it was refreshing to be around such a talented and ambitious cohort. I left the experience with a new profound sense of certainty in my aspirations. I urge you to take up this life changing opportunity. A huge thank you to Crimson for providing the next generation of game changers with this experience."
Julia Liu
Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour 2018

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