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Rise Higher and Reach Your Potential

Discover how Crimson Rise allows young students, aged 11-14 to leap ahead of their peers long before they begin the college application process. 
What We Do
Discover new and incredible academic and extracurricular opportunities you didn’t know were possible, and achieve remarkable personal growth
US/UK College Admissions
Prepare early and maximise your odds of success
Personalised Planning
Strategically map your plans now, for your future
Customised Guided Courses
Learn valuable skills to level-up your academics
Take International Tours
Travel abroad to be inspired for your future
Athletics Meet
Organize a cross-platform sporting match
Business Case Competition
Develop effective campaign results
Charity Fundraiser
Optimize crowdsourcing
Student Orchestra
Compose an original symphony
Why Crimson Rise?
Learn how Crimson Rise can help your child achieve their greatest potential before applying to world-leading universities. 
Why Are Crimson
What is Crimson Rise?

A program unlike any other for students aged 11-14, Crimson Rise offers numerous and diverse options tailored to the academic needs of students entering, and in, their early teenage years.

Crimson Rise is a personalized, holistic program for young students, designed to prepare them to succeed- academically, extracurricularly, and personally - in high school and beyond.

Personal guidance with a top strategist is combined with one-on-one instruction in a series of unique educational experiences, allowing students to leap ahead of their peers long before they begin the college application process.

Roadmap out your child's next 2 to 5 years of schooling in order to maximize odds at admission to Harvard, Oxford, and more

Learn coding, entrepreneurship, speech and debate, global language and more from the best and brightest mentors in the world

Explore interests and hobbies outside your child's comfort zone, giving them the chance to become more engaged and passionate in specific areas

Crimson Student's Success

The results of successful Crimson students who achieved their dreams working with us

Offers to the world’s best colleges
Offers to Oxford & Cambridge
Offers to Ivy League colleges
Worth of scholarships & financial aid (USD)

Reimagine What's Possible


What’s Included?

Receive personal support from a Crimson Rise strategist who knows what it takes for students to gain admission to the world’s best universities.

Building Your Child's Strategy
Crimson Rise is packaged into two segments:

Strategy and Instruction

The strategy segment is ongoing and constant throughout the Crimson Rise program, while the instruction segments will occur at different intervals, depending on which services you wish to undertake.
Crimson Rise strategists act as a guide through one of the most complicated times in a student’s life, answering questions, imparting life lessons, and providing invaluable advice and encouragement. This assistance includes:
    + Building and maintaining good study habits.
    + Assessing strengths and weaknesses to help generate concrete academic goals that will prepare students for success in high school.
    + Evaluating extracurricular activities and helping to strategize additions, subtractions and improvements.
    + Strategically choosing, applying to, and deriving value from summer and alternative programs.

Selecting Your Child’s Instructional Segments 

Below is a list of instructional segments offered through Crimson Rise. Students are not limited in the number of courses they may participate in. Each course is designed to focus on particular aspects of the application process and works to prepare students well in advance for what’s to come in their final year of high school.
Attend a great university

Work with our global network of strategists, mentors, alumni and students, who will guide you through your pre-high school years to university applications with the care and expertise you’ll need to get noticed.

Receive Expert Advice

Connect with the expert strategists and mentors dedicated to you! They help manage your milestones for success along the way and navigate the curriculum and subject selection and identifying new academic opportunities to ultimately improve your university application profile.

Foundational Skills

Our foundational curriculum help students to discover their passions, learn tools to create capstone projects and gives them the skills they need to pursue their dreams through higher academics and beyond.


Our program is designed specifically for advanced pre-high schoolers, giving students both the practical skills to engage in full-fledged web projects from early on, as well as fundamental methods of reasoning to ensure continued learning in later courses.


Through in-depth exercises and real-world examples, students engage with the building blocks of thinking like an entrepreneur, ideating a start-up company, financing and budgeting a business, and designing an entrepreneurial endeavour.

Global Language

Open global opportunities by engaging in the study of the world’s most spoken languages, Mandarin, Spanish, or French all while augmenting their university applications. Students will be guided to reach a conversational level of speech by the time they graduate high school. 

Model United Nations
Model United Nations is one of the most recognized and essential extra-curriculars in the US university system. Our programme will allow students to maximise their potential as a delegate and lock down a prestigious addition to their résumé for university.
Social Entrepreneurship

The Crimson curriculum teaches the critical processes of designing businesses that do social good, financing them, and ensuring the balance of their market growth and capacity for doing good.

Speech and Debate

Our curriculum introduces students to more than just formal debate practice, but the analytical and topical tools they need to understand and engage with the world around them. Become a great communicator, public speaker, and thinker.

Review Img
"This experience taught me more in 2 weeks than many would learn in a lifetime. Not only is it educational, both academically and culturally, but being able to spend time travelling with like minded people, who will quickly become like family, is so refreshing. So often we only see a slim view of what the world is like, but this trip opened my eyes up to so many other realities."
Lucy Forgesson
Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour 2018
Review Img
"Thanks to the Crimson team for the immense effort in organising the itinerary for this trip. The Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour was undoubtedly a riveting experience that provided a wholesome perspective upon the study and practice of medicine in an international country. I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge through visiting some of the top American universities and particularly enjoyed meeting a group of like-minded and intelligent individuals. It was an experience worth every penny that has resulted in my confidence in pursuing Medicine in the future."
Katrina Trinh
Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour 2018
Review Img
"Words simply cannot begin to describe the absolutely riveting experience I had on the Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour. The support system you gain and the knowledge you acquire are beyond priceless. We had the utmost privilege of meeting such inspiring and motivating individuals. Additionally, it was refreshing to be around such a talented and ambitious cohort. I left the experience with a new profound sense of certainty in my aspirations. I urge you to take up this life changing opportunity. A huge thank you to Crimson for providing the next generation of game changers with this experience."
Julia Liu
Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour 2018

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